CASH PRICES sponsored by Kronan CrossFit
Equipment sponsored by Eleiko
Education sponsored by Eleiko

Hotel offers sponsored by Malmö Arena Hotel

Oresund Games 2016 at Kronan CrossFit are happy to announce we will draw lots amongst all athletes who compete in this year’s Oresund Games for 2 spots on Eleiko’s Weightlifting for athletes education in Halmstad 22th October. Value: 4600 SEK for each spot.

1 spot will go to a male athlete.

1 spot will go to a female athlete.

Doesn’t matter how you perform at the competition – but you need to sign in on competition-day.

OG Weightlifting



The winner of Men RX Division wins 1 Eleiko XF Barbell 20 kg. & CASH: 2500 SEK
The winner of Men Intermediate Division wins CASH: 2500 SEK



The winner of Women Intermediate Division wins 1 Eleiko Eleiko XF Barbell 15 kg. & CASH: 2500 SEK
The winner of Women Newcomer Division wins CASH: 2500 SEK


Plus Eleiko merchandise to all podium Places.