Oresund Games has 28 spots for Women Intermediate division and 42 spots for Women Newcomer division.

Competitors will start the competition Saturday morning and end Sunday afternoon. All Newcomer Competitors will compete both Saturday and Sunday. First cut is after the first event sunday. 

At each event the athletes performance are ranked, and there is one point per place awarded – 1 point for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd, etc. Athletes with the lowest overall points win the Oresund Games (newcomer division)

The best Competitors will face 9 events during the Saturday and Sunday.


Winner of Women Intermediate win 1 Eleiko XF barbell (valued at 4700 SEK) and 2500 SEK

Winner of Women Newcomers win 2500 SEK


Women Intermediate Competitors is for the athlete who have some experience in competing. If you are ranked in the top 100 in Europe in the CrossFit Open in 2016, you are considered to skilled for competing in the Women Intermediate division.
Women Intermediate competitors should be able to perform following movements and weights:

Bar Muscle up
Rope climb
60 cm box jump
Double unders
Hang squat snatch 40 kg

Women Newcomer Competitors should be able to perform following movements and weights.


Knee 2 elbows
Back squat on your bodyweight
STOH 25 kg.
OHS 25 kg.
Hang clean thruster 35 kg.
Power snatch 25 kg.
Hang squat snatch 25 kg.
Pull ups (Late in the competition)



The Oresund Games organizers can, in case of doubt about whether the athlete is to strong and skilled to participate in the newcomer division, recommend and encourage the athlete to change to Intermediate Division.