Kronan CrossFit is Southern Swedens biggest box, and the first Eleiko Certified training facility in the world. That means all our equipment is from Eleiko – even our 23 meter long custom made competition rig, which is wall and floor mounted.
Our main CrossFit room is 450 square meters and is the venue of the Competition.
Besides that we have  135 square meters, fully equipped Eleiko warm up room.
75 square meters relax and sleeping room for athletes.
65 square meter room for endurance warm up and relax area.
We can hold up to 200 spectators – which gives a fantastic intense atmosphere when we hold competitions.

If you seek a place to host your competition – send us an email on:

We can provide judges teams + the best box facilities and competition setup in the region.

Pictures from the box!

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_ND49451 - Kopi